Insulation monitoring

HIG97 - insulation monitoring device

HIG97 – insulation monitoring device

Monitoring the status of ungrounded IT power systems is a precondition for ensuring system safety and continuous operation, as required, in particular, in the health sector and in the heavy industries. The insulation monitoring devices monitor the insulation condition of the IT system and inform the operators immediately about any insulation resistance decrease below the preselected Rcrit level (against the PE protective conductor).

HAKEL ISOLGUARD HIG insulation monitoring devices are designed to minitor the insulation level of AC and DC IT power systems in accordance with IEC 61557-1, IEC 61557-8, IEC 61557-9, IEC 60664-1, HD 60364-4-41, EN 50 155, HD 60364-7-710, IEC 60079-11.

  • IMD, SPD, VLD for railway applications and traction vehicles / rolling stock: HIS7x/T, HIG9x/T, TLx/T (datasheet PDF)
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HIG95-DELTA - insulation monitoring device for healthcare

HIG95-DELTA – insulation monitoring device for healthcare


  • Insulation monitoring for IT power systems up to 1000V DC / 710V AC: HIG99 (datasheet PDF)