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Protection of traction systems and vehicles

Overvoltage and personal protection: traction systems


Overvoltage limiter for traction systems - PSP 1/10/III

Overvoltage limiter for traction systems – PSP 1/10/III

Overvoltage protection of traction systems includes protection of the power lines, tramways, trolleybuses and electric locomotives, rectifier substations and traction equipment.

In addition in public transport, traction networks are currently extensively used to power various devices at or near trolleybus routes and tramway tracks, such as track switches, ticket machine power supplies, camera power supplies, tram/bus stop lighting systems, voice systems and security systems, switch heating systems, etc.. Such systems may be destroyed or their reliability reduced by overvoltage effects, and so surge arresters must be deployed to protect the equipment.

The arrester design complies with EN 50526-1, EN 60099-4 ed.3, EN 61643-11.

HL 120 - personal protection in traction systems

HL 120 – personal protection in traction systems


Personal protection equipment primarily includes low-voltage limiters designed for the protection of non-live parts of metallic structures in AC and DC traction systems. The equipment is used for efficient protection of persons who may get in contact with such parts during a strike of lightning or during traction line faults. It is installed directly onto the building structure to be protected, so its activation results in conductive connection between the structure and the track.

The surge arresters and voltage limiting devices comply with EN 50526-1, EN 50526-2, EN 50122-1, EN 61643-11, EN 60099-4.