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  • Design and delivery of surge protection solutions and devices (SPD)
    maintenance and measurement of circuit breakers

    maintenance and measurement of circuit breakers

    administration buildings, family homes, industry and health care solutions, protection of equipment in public transportation systems, low-voltage operation systems of substations, solutions for monitoring systems, photovoltaic power stations etc.
  • Design and delivery of insulation monitoring devices (IMD)
    industry and health care solutions, railway applications, mine equipment
  • Special applications
    design of surge protection devices for public transport (power system, trams, trains, trolleybuses), mine equipment and ungrounded power systems
  • Measurements
    measurement and inspection of surge protection devices w/o operation interruption, measurement and testing of circuit breakers in distribution boards
  • Inspections
    low-voltage and high-voltage equipment, health care inspections, inspections of electrical equipment and devices
  • Installations
    low-voltage, data networks, security and fire alarm systems
  • Maintenance
    maintenance of devices and equipment, preventive maintenance and repairs
  • Trainings, seminars, consultancy, design