HIG - insulation monitoring device

HIG – insulation monitoring device

  • Insulation Monitoring Devices (IMD)  more…
    monitoring of ungrounded power supply systems in health care or industry, AC or DC IT systems
  • Power supply and control in electric traction systems more…
    power sources, surge arresters, switch controls
  • Protection of traction systems and vehicles   more…
    surge protection of traction power systems, voltage limiters, equipotential bonding
  • Protection of power distribution systems   more…
    surge arresters for high- and low-voltage systems, protection of mine supply systems
  • Equipotential bonding systems   more…
    isolating spart gaps, Ex environment
HAKEL surge protecion device type 1+2

HAKEL surge protecion device type 1+2

  • Surge Protection Devices (SPD)
    surge protection of power supply systems, data networks, video signals, coaxial lines, photovoltaic systems, cathodic protection systems; lightning and switching surge protection

    Catalogue HAKEL G-LINE surge protection devices (PDF)