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Power supply and control in electric traction systems

PSB - traction system power source

PSB – traction system power source

DC traction lines are nowadays used quite extensively to power various facilities near the trolleybus and tram lines, such as rail switch points, ticket machines, cameras, tram/bus stop lighting systems, voice systems, as well as security systems, rail lubricators and switch point heaters, etc.

For powering these devices, it is possible to use a universal traction power source that can supply either 24V DC or 230V AC up to 600W.

The power sources can be provided with GSM remote control and can signal up to three status variables of the power source parameters (input and output voltage, current, overload…).

The connection of the traction power sources is done via the fuse boxes FB.

information display power source

information display power source

Both traction power sources and powered equipment are protected against the atmospheric and switching surge effects by the SA-1 and SA-2 surge arresters.